Youth Violence Prevention Council

of Shasta County


The Youth Violence Prevention Council of Shasta County’s mission is to prevent youth violence and promote a safe and healthy community.  

Our Youth Violence Prevention Council Executive Board is comprised of exceptional leaders from a broad cross-section of the business, law enforcement, government, faith, and education sectors of Shasta County.


The Youth Violence Prevention Council received its 501(c) 3 status in 1996, after the problem of gang and youth violence found its way to Redding in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.  According to the Redding Police Department, Redding had 20 violent youth gang-related felonies in 1994.  This prompted a county-wide effort to rid our communities of youth gangs.  Lead by aggressive law enforcement, cooperation from the schools and community-based organizations and agencies, Redding and Shasta County were able to gain the upper hand. 

The focus of the Youth Violence Prevention Council  involves the coordination of primary education on youth issues and youth advocacy, all aimed at keeping our county youth gang free and safe for all citizens, young and older alike.

Today, due to the decrease in gangs in Shasta County, the Youth Violence Prevention Council has been able to focus and provide multiple services to youth and families in other areas of need.

The programs offered through the Youth Violence Prevention Council include:

  • Youth/Peer Court
  • PlusONE
  • Youth Fire-Setter Prevention & Intervention
  • Shasta Youth Leadership Camp
  • Triple P – Parent Discussion Group
  • Graffiti Eradication  Hotline and support
  • Fresh Start for Youth Endowment
  • Safe School Planning
  • Public awareness and public education on youth issues
  • Advocacy for youth issues on the local, state, and national level

Along with our programs, we have been able to raise funds for YVPC through the Shasta Mud Run fundraiser, which helps promote a safe and healthy community, encourages teamwork and cooperation, and provides a family friendly event for all ages.  For more information about the Shasta Mud Run, visit our website at

For more information about the Youth Violence Prevention Council and our programs, visit our website at 

NEWS: The Shasta Mud Run is moving to the SPRING!
Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2016 Shasta Mud Run 


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