Community Service Partner Sites

The following is a list of Community Service Sites that partner with the Youth/Peer Court to provide an educational and enriching community service experience for youth.   Respondents can choose from a partner site, look for another location, or create their own independent community service project.  Independent projects must be approved by Youth/Peer Court staff in advance.


       Another Chance Animal Welfare

This non-profit cares for abandoned and rescued animals and pets and finds them homes.

Phone Number: 547-7387

Supervisor: Sandy Shelby

Restrictions: 14 and older.  Must fill out application and meet with director prior to beginning service.  Application can be filled out and submitted online.

Minimum commitment 8 hours.

Volunteers will: Assist in many ways with the operation of the store and with the care of the animals.

Worksite location: 9384 Deschutes Road, Palo Cedro, CA (in the Holiday Shopping Center)

Work Availability:  Tues - Saturday from 10-4.

Cottonwood Enrichment Council

This group works to enhance and beautify the Cottonwood area.

Phone Number: 347-3654


Supervisor: Linda Pritchett

Restrictions: 14 and older.

Volunteers will: Help with maintaining and beautifying areas of Cottonwood.

Worksite location: Cottonwood

Work Availability:  After school and Weekends.

Anderson Cottonwood Christian Assistance

This is a non-profit emergency food program serving the needy.

Phone Number: 365-4220 or 604-5503

Supervisor: Marge Taylor or Bill Thurman

Restrictions: 14 and older.

Volunteers will: Assist in a variety of ways helping provide food for those in need.

Worksite location: 2979 East Center St., Anderson

Work Availability:  Tues & Fri 9-2 and prior to some holidays

Child Abuse Prevention Council

This non-profit works to benefit local children and youth.

Phone Number: 241-5816

Supervisor: Christy Russell or Lorie Harris

Restrictions: 14 and older.

Volunteers will: Assist with occasional projects and special events.

Worksite location: Redding

Work Availability:  As needed, contact for more information.

Association for Counseling, Education, and Support (A.C.E.S.)

This non-profit helps at-risk and struggling families and youth get their lives back on track.

Phone Number: 241-9276 (extension 1 if you get the answering machine)

Supervisor: Linda Maderios

Restrictions: 13 and older.

Volunteers will: Assist in a variety of ways, helping raise funds, clerical/office work, prepare for special events, and community activities.

Worksite location: 1933 Market Street, Redding

Work Availability:  Mon-Sat 9-5

Clothes that Work

This non-profit helps people with low incomes get work clothes appropriate to their jobs.

Youth should ask about dress code for work in advance.

Phone Number:  241-9612

Supervisor:  Cynda Svindland

Restrictions:  14 and older.

Volunteers will:  Sort and hang clothes, work the front desk, clean, and do general work.

Worksite location:  1350 Butte St., Redding

Work availability:  Tue – Fri  10-3

Discovery Shop Thrift Store

This non-profit group benefits cancer victims and their families.

Phone Number: 244-3032

Supervisor: Kenna Edwards or Judi Rumsey

Restrictions: 14 and older.  Must interview in person with manager prior to being accepted.  Minimum commitment 8 hours. Youth should ask about dress code for work in advance.

Volunteers will: Work with all facets of the thrift store operation.

Worksite location: 2625 Park Marina Dr., Redding

Work Availability:  After school until 6pm, Saturdays from 10-5, and Sundays from 12-5

Friends of the Library

This group holds book sales to raise money to buy new books for the Shasta County Library.

Phone Number: 547-5684

Supervisor: Jan Filomeo

Restrictions: 13 and older. 

Volunteers will: Help pack & move books and other set-up duties needed for book sales and special events.

Worksite location: 100 Parkview Ave., Redding

Work Availability:  After school until 6pm, and Saturdays from 10-5.

Palo Cedro Park

Phone number:  547-4109

Supervisor:  Brian Cope


Volunteers will:  Work in the park doing physical labor, building trails, weeding, and removing garbage.

Worksite location:  Cedro Lane, Palo Cedro (turn right on Cedro Lane; park is half way up road)

Work Availability:  second Saturday of each month 9-1 and special events

Haven Humane

This non-profit helps care for abandoned and rescued pets until they are adopted.  Youth must call Mr. Johns to set up an appointment

for an orientation prior to beginning service, and ask about dress code for work.

Phone Number: 241-1653

Supervisor:  Dr. Ray John

Restrictions: 14 and older

Volunteers will: Work in many ways, including general tasks involved in running their operation, and opportunities to help care for the animals.

Worksite location: 7449 Eastside Rd, Redding

Work Availability:  M-F 8 to 5, and Sat 8-5.

Redding Disc Golf Club

This is a non-profit Frisbee golf club with tournaments and prizes which also collects canned food for the needy.

Phone number:  223-4363

Supervisor:  Kevin Fenner

Restrictions:  Ages 12 and older

Wear  pants to protect against poison oak

Volunteers will:  build paths, clean the area, weed, remove garbage

Worksite location:  Anderson Park

Work Availability:  Saturday and Sunday 8-4

Salvation Army

Phone Number: 222-2207

Supervisor: Colleen

Restrictions: 13 and older

Volunteers will: Work in various ways including office and clerical, facilities maintenance, or special projects.

Dresscode:  Nothing with satanic influences

Worksite location:  2691 Larkspur Ln, Redding

Work Availability:  M-F 8 to 5, and Sat 8 to 5

North Valley Catholic Social Services

This non-profit helps any and all who need help meeting the challenges of life.

Phone Number: 247-3330

Supervisor: Jessica Delaney

Restrictions: 16 and older

Volunteers will: Work with the development department either in the office or out in the community with special events

Worksite location: Office: 2400 Washington Ave

Work Availability:  M-F 8 to 5, some Saturdays

Safe Haven Horse Rescue

This non-profit helps care for horses, offers horse sponsorships, and riding lessons.

Phone Number: 347-4941

Supervisor: Linda Richards

Restrictions: 13 and older

Volunteers will: Work on the ranch taking care of the needs of the horses.

Worksite location: 3950 West Anderson Dr., Cottonwood

Work Availability:  Saturdays 8am to 5pm

Shasta Senior Nutrition Center

This organization provides nutritious meals, transportation, and support for seniors and underserved families.

Phone Number: 226-3060

Supervisor: Debbie

Restrictions: Age 16 and older

Volunteers will: help with preparation of meals and other related tasks

Worksite location:  100 Mercy Oaks Dr. -Redding

Work Availability:  M-F 9 to 5

Women’s Health Specialists

This organization provides services, screenings, and assistance as well as information and education for women regarding their health and reproductive options

Phone Number: 222-5570, ext. 201

Supervisor: Rowan O’Connell-Barger

Restrictions: 14 and up

Volunteers will: Office & clerical work and do outreach education in the community, sometimes at community events.

Dresscode: Office appropriate clothing (jeans OK)

Worksite location: 1901 Victor Ave. - Redding

Work Availability: M-Sat. 9 to 5 (may vary occasionally for community events

Trailhead Youth Ranch

Trailhead Youth Ranch is a non-profit, faith-based organization that teaches children and teens how to handle and ride horses.

Phone: (530) 867-9039 (message only – someone will return the call)

Supervisor: Fred Drollinger

Volunteer duties: Clean horse stalls, general ranch chores, horse grooming.

Location: The southeast corner of Highway 44 and Millville Plains Rd. in Millville.

Work availability: Friday and Saturday morning from 8:00 am to noon. Season runs from April 1st to Thanksgiving, weather permitting.

Parent/Legal guardian must sign paperwork.

Dress Code: Close-toed shoes. Long pants advised.

Youth for Christ

Info to be added pending e-mail about their requirements