Shasta Youth Leadership Camp
                      July 21-24, 2013

SYLC Leadership Camp is designed to strengthen youth leadership in Shasta County.  The main purpose of the Leadership Camp is to prevent drug abuse, gang involvement and violence among youth and to build a positive relationship between law enforcement and the youth of our community.  Youth with leadership ability, who are committed to being drug-free and are willing to take a stand against drug abuse, are especially able to make a positive difference among their friends and in our community. Leadership Camp is for such youth.  It has been an annual summer event in Shasta County for over 19 years, jointly sponsored by various law enforcement and drug prevention agencies from across Shasta County and the Youth Violence Prevention Council of Shasta County. 

Leadership Camp brings together 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade students from schools throughout the county, develops their leadership potential, and encourages their commitment to a drug-free life.  Our goal is to have each student be a positive influence at school and among friends, encouraging others to a drug, gang, and violence free life. Participants spend the entire four days at camp, with two counselors assigned to each cabin.  Counselors are selected from area high schools or colleges through an application process.  They are drug-free youth who have demonstrated leadership ability and are strong role models.  Staff, comprised of law enforcement officers, public health officials and counselors train together prior to camp. At camp, the staff provides a leadership program for both campers and counselors that focuses on what it takes to be a drug, gang, and violence free youth in today's society and how to influence friends and others to choose to be the same. 

The leadership program and other activities are designed to provide a learning experience that is meaningful, interesting and fun.  Special events include Public Safety Day (police, fire and rescue unit demonstrations), the Leadership Olympics and guest speakers.  New and lasting friendships between campers, counselors and staff members are made at Leadership Camp. Campers are selected through an application and screening process which involves both Leadership Camp staff and the school staff for each camper applicant.  Students will be selected from throughout Shasta County to attend as campers.  Please discuss this opportunity with your parents and make sure it does not conflict with a family vacation or other summer activity.  Please insure that the application is completed and signed. The cost for camp this year is $50.  Sponsorships are available. Leadership Camp is funded by the Redding East Rotary Foundation (Ducky Derby) and the Shasta County Interagency Narcotic Task Force.

For more information check out the Shasta Youth Leadership Camp 2013 website

COUNSELOR APPLICATION ~ Applications available till April 19th. Apply HERE!

Camper Application ~ Ava liable at the end of April 2013