Restorative Justice Dispositions

             Jury Duty (mandatory between 1-5 trials)
                                40 Developmental Assets Meeting (mandatory)
               Exit Interview (mandatory)


Community Service
Juvenile Court Work Day (Ages 14 & Above)
Community Youth Groups
Face to Face Apology
Written Apology
Essays (1000 word maximum)
Book Reports/Article Reviews/Informational Projects
Alcohol/Drug Assessment
Drug Testing


Educational Workshops and Classes

Victim Awareness (1 session)
Boys Council for Teenage Boys (10-12 weeks)
Girls Circle for Teenage Girls (10-12 weeks)
Anger Management (12 sessions)
Choices for Life/Coroner’s Tour (1 session)
ATOD(Alcohol, Tobacco, and other Drugs) (4 sessions)-$20
Youth Educational Shoplifting Program
(Home study course - $40.00)
Tobacco Cessation Class for Teens (Project EX) - $20

(Recommendation Only)

Substance and Alcohol Abuse Teen Program (NVCSS)
Family Counseling (NVCSS), Assoc. for Counseling, Education, and Support (ACES)
Mentoring/Peer Mentoring
Youth Pastors Alliance
The Chemical People, Right Roads to Recovery
New Directions to Hope, Shasta Co. Alcohol and Drug