What is FIFO life like?

Working FIFO involves flying to a mine site to work for a fixed period of time, then flying home for a fixed period of rest and relaxation, also referred to as R&R.

The length of time you are on site or on break depends on your roster, also called swings. At Fortescue, we are committed to providing team members with work-life balance and offer flexible working options as well as lifestyle-friendly FIFO rosters.

While you are away on site, you will stay at one of our Fortescue Villages which offer air-conditioned ensuite rooms and modern recreation facilities including gyms, football fields and swimming pools. A selection of meals is provided daily, and we also offer a variety of onsite activities and entertainment.


How long are shifts?

A typical shift sees employees working 12 hours per day and depending on the length of your swing, it may switch between working night shifts and day shifts.

Each shift begins with a pre-start meeting and ends with a debrief meeting to hand over information to those working the next shift.


How do we support you?

Fortescue is focused on the health and safety of our workforce which extends to your mental health and wellbeing.

Working FIFO has many benefits including periods of rest and relaxation and competitive salaries, but we understand it can also come with its own challenges. To help you and your family feel supported at Fortescue, we have a range of resources available including access to our non-denominational Fortescue Chaplains and our Employee Assistance Program 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We also encourage you to join in after hours activities and use the amenities available to you to help connect with others while on site. These include social clubs, BBQs, events and entertainment, and sporting and recreation activities, including a swimming pool.


FIFO at Fortescue