Fortescue supports powerful play on domestic violence ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’

May 17, 2022

Fortescue recently sponsored the Actors’ Hub’s thought-provoking theatre production ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’. The play, written and directed by Amanda Crewes, takes a 360-degree view at what falling in love looks like in our modern world and the common misconceptions that can lead to family violence.

‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ is the third part of The Blind Eye trilogy which aims to tackle key issues affecting the community such as toxic masculinity, the over-sexualisation of men and women, and domestic violence.

As part of an ongoing Workplace Integrity Review, Fortescue provided free tickets to employees and encouraged team members and their family and friends to join this important conversation.

Fortescue CEO Elizabeth Gaines said, “At Fortescue, the safety and wellbeing of our Fortescue family is our first priority, and we are committed to finding ways to develop learning opportunities and support the eradication of inappropriate behaviour across our operations and within communities.

“By building on our understanding of this topic and stimulating these important conversations amongst our team members and their families in a safe environment, we can help effect change in our community,” she said.

Amanda Crewes thanked Fortescue for their support in bringing this issue to light.

“We appreciate Fortescue’s ongoing support of ‘Is There Anybody Out There’ and the rest of The Blind Eye Trilogy.

“Domestic violence is a cultural problem that needs to be tackled within communities. Large organisations, like Fortescue, help us raise the profile of these important issues and as a result we are more likely to see positive action and cultural change,” Ms Crewes said.