Preserving Aboriginal heritage

Our commitment to preserve and promote Aboriginal history and culture is embedded in our approach to operating sustainably and responsibly.


Our Approach

We work closely with our Native Title Partners (NTPs) and governments to responsibly manage the Aboriginal cultural landscape with our efforts measured against four pillars:

  • Meaningful consultation with Aboriginal people and their representatives
  • Implementation of effective systems and processes
  • Contributions to researching Aboriginal cultural heritage sites
  • Ongoing education and engagement with our workforce

These pillars are critical to maintaining compliance with applicable legislation and agreements while ensuring the protection of Aboriginal culture. We conduct heritage surveys early in the planning phase and, wherever possible, protect sites of significance from impact. Open, transparent and inclusive consultation is a critical part of developing new projects.

We work with our stakeholders to sustainably manage Aboriginal heritage and protect 6,022 Aboriginal heritage places across our operations. We achieve this by conducting heritage surveys early in the planning phase, which enhances our capacity to avoid and preserve Aboriginal heritage places. 

During FY21, we undertook multiple heritage surveys in the Pilbara region. The outcomes of these surveys are shared with stakeholders through various mechanisms including via NTP subcommittee heritage meetings which also provide an opportunity to discuss learnings and improvements. 


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Native Title Partners

We have a longstanding relationship with our NTPs and have comprehensive agreements in place with seven Native Title Groups in the Pilbara. 

We have registered Indigenous Land Use Agreements (ILUAs) with Kariyarra, Palyku and Nyiyaparli Native Title Groups. The ILUAs foster beneficial relationships which in turn deliver greater opportunities for local communities. We have Land Access Agreements (LAAs) with the following Native Title Holders:

  • Martu Idja Banjima
  • Eastern Guruma
  • Puuti Kunti Kurruma and Pinikura.

We also have a Project Area Agreement with the Nyamal People Native Title Holders. 

We are committed to working closely with each of our NTPs to convert LAAs into ILUAs.