The Fortescue family

Fortescue is a values-based business with a strong, differentiated culture that is maintained and strengthened through our leaders and every team member. 

Safety is our number one priority and we focus on building safety leadership and a culture that empowers each person to look out for their mates. We strive to be an employer of choice and implement programs and incentives to attract, develop, challenge and retain our people. 

Health and Safety


We recognise that our activities have the potential to expose our employees, contractors and communities to health and safety risks. We work to identify these risks and ensure suitable controls are in place to mitigate them.

Safety is deeply ingrained in our culture and we strive to be a global leader. We seek continuous improvement using industry metrics and benchmarking.

Our safety culture is built from the ground up, with all team members required to uphold the highest standards. This builds an environment where everyone feels empowered to pause, reassess the task and implement controls where needed. To foster this safety culture, we work with industry and regulatory leaders to maintain the highest standards of education, coaching, training, monitoring and reporting.

We manage and mitigate high risk events through a risk profile reduction program and critical control auditing. Critical control auditing is undertaken by our Leaders to ensure these controls are effective.



The physical and mental health of our employees and contractors is a key focus. In 2016, we developed our Mental Health and Wellbeing Blueprint which provides the framework for how we support the health and wellbeing of our Fortescue family.

We have also undertaken a Mental Health Risk Assessment which focuses on preventative controls to protect the mental health of our workforce and reactive controls to help manage and support recovery after a mental health incident. This risk assessment was developed in consultation with teams across the business and included subject matter experts from our People team, Chaplains, senior operational team members, accommodation teams and health and safety professionals. This consolidated risk assessment captures existing controls as well as opportunities for improvement.

Our Chaplaincy team, a dedicated pastoral care service, offers support to all employees, contractors and their families with Chaplains available at all our sites. Additionally, our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offers 24/7 support via professional counselling services for employees, contractors and their families.


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Workplace Diversity

Fortescue is committed to building and maintaining a workplace that is diverse and inclusive of all people. 

To be the best company we can be, we need to harness the very best ideas across every part of our business and empower our workforce to collaborate across all levels. The best ideas come from a diverse workforce who have a broad range of backgrounds, skills, experience and personalities and who are supported and encouraged to reach their full potential.

Fortescue has a proud history of championing gender diversity and in 2019 signed the global ParityPledge to bring gender parity to the highest levels of our business by committing to interview at least one qualified woman for every executive position. 

Increasing female and Aboriginal employment rates remains a key priority for Fortescue. Following extensive consultation in FY21, we have expanded our diversity areas to include the following key groups:

  • Diversity of age
  • Culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Differing abilities.

In striving to increase our female participation rate, Fortescue continues to implement and improve a range of practical initiatives:

  • Establishment of the Fortescue Family Room in Perth
  • Introduction of in-home childcare in Port Hedland 
  • Paid parental leave
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Commitment to gender pay equity
  • Provision of training and professional development opportunities, including:
    • Fortescue’s Trade Up and Vocational Training and Employment Centres
    • Leadership and Excellence in Aboriginal People training program
    • Culture, leadership and career resiliency training programs

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